The NC Forestry Association recently released an article stating the forest products industry has now surpassed textiles as North Carolina’s largest manufacturing industry. With just under 3,000 forest product facilities and over 300,000 landowners timbering trees for profit, it has become evident that our great state is a tremendous resource for lumber. As a member of the logging industry, McDowell Lumber remains steadfast in undertaking the responsibility to protect our surrounding environment and this renewable resource to ensure it’s existence for generations to come. Our Forestry division exists to maintain our compliance with national EPA regulations and develop forest management plans to replenish the timber utilized in our daily production.



We Buy Timber


We request that you contact us for an initial consultation to ensure your timber will produce an acceptable, sound lumber product. We can assist landowners through the entire timbering process, from logging to transportation to reforestation. Our forestry expert will also advise you on maintaining your land and future harvest potential.


We will also accept timber cut from landowners. If you are willing to transport logs to our facility and abide by the specifications provided in the Log Specs. If you have a tract of land needing an evaluation, please contact Josh Daniel at kjoshd@yahoo.com


McDowell Lumber supplies processed lumber to a wide variety of industries. Our quality products are used by furniture and flooring manufacturers, distribution yards, and also supplied to lumber distribution centers. We are dedicated to quality and work with mostly poplar, red oak, and white oak.


Reduced Waste


Our goal is to keep waste as minimal as possible to ensure we are getting the most out of our resources. Our hardwoods are processed in preparation to be used for furniture, door frames, cabinetry, flooring, fencing, and pallets. Softwoods are sold to other saw mills for specialized processing. Bark becomes mulch, chip mills make use of our smaller wood pieces and shavings for paper and particle board, and sawdust is sold for fuel.


Types of Lumber:

Kiln Dried

Air Dried - Surfacing Capabilities




Red Oak

White Oak


Mixed Hardwood





Common 1

Common 2

Common 3

Frame Stock


For more information, please contact Jimmy Elliott at jelliott@mcdowelllumberco.com

According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA), “Wooden pallets comprise 93% of the entire world pallet market because they are rigid, durable, functional, safe and cost effective…less than 3% end up in landfills.” McDowell Lumber's new and reconditioned pallets are built to meet uniform standards utilized by various distributing companies, such as grocery stores, big box chains, home improvement retailers, and more. McDowell Lumber pallets can be customized to support your specific product’s shipping needs. We generally produce around 15,000 pallets per week allowing us to fulfill orders quickly and help keep your products and business moving. Contact Josh McDowell for a quote at josh@mcdowelllumberco.com.


Heat Treating


McDowell Lumber has a heat treating facility onsite, which allows us to offer heat treatments for new and refurbished pallets. Heat treatment is required for all pallets that will be exported to shield international countries from foreign larvae and insects, while guarding our own environment by decreasing the amount of chemical treatments necessary to protect our product.



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